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Q. When did this site start?

A. This site was created November 2003.

Q. What software are you utilizing for the Image Database?

A. The software used here is called 4 Images and it is a free image database.

Q. Why should I register on the site?

A. There are a few benefits to registering on the site; It enables you to EMail, Comment and Download any image. You can still browse the entire site without restrictions if you do not register. If you donate a scan your registered name is linked to the scan as the donor, it may lead to a contact for a trade.

Q. How many camp patches are there?

A. I do not belive anyone knows the answer to that question, if I had to guess it would be in excess of 40,000 different camp patches.

Q. Is there a check list for all the camp patches?

A. At the current time the closest you may come to a check list for camp patches is a generic council/camp listing. The Camp Book - A Listing of BSA Camps by Dave Minnihan and Bob Sherman does a great job. Rumor has it that a new edition is in planning.

Q. I only have one or two camp patches would you like me to scan them for you and send them?

A. Even if you only had one camp patch to donate I would enjoy receiving it. If you have a scan of a camp patch that would look more presentable than the one on the site I would enjoy those also. If everyone who came by the site sent in a scan we could reach that 40,000 mark in a short time period.

Q. What size scan do you need?

A. A scan of 100 to 150 DPI in JPG format should show enough detail of any camp patch scan. Do not reduce the original size that your scanner outputs and try to keep the backgrounds white.

Q. Do you collect and/or trade camp patches?

A. Yes, my main collecting interest is Camp Mohican, Robert Treat Council, New Jersey. My secondary interest are all camps from New Jersey, then all camps. You can search the site for my camp patch trades by using the word "trade" in the search window. I also do blind trades, just contact me.

Q. Can anyone get on your Traders Page and Links Page?

A. If you collect camp patches you can get your name and information on the Traders Pages; if you have a website that provides information on patch collecting you can get your site listed and linked.

Q. What happened to the message boards?

A. The Message Boards were removed due to lack of interest. If there is ever a need for a message board I will put one back online.

Q. Are there any future plans for the site?

A. As time permits I will be adding areas for just about any BSA patch that is not now covered by a website, i.e. camporee, SoR, generic national patches, anything and everything from that maybe found in the events/activities area. I may also start doing neckerchiefs for the camps.

Q. Can I copy scans from other websites or EBay and send them to you to use on this site?

A. Please DO NOT copy scans from other sites or EBay for use on this site. If you notice some nice camp patch scans on another website just send me an email with the link and I will contact the webmaster of that sight for permission to use their scans. A vast majority of scans on EBay do not meet my requirements for size since the original scan is not posted on EBay. Again, if you see a scan I can use on EBay let me know the sellers ID and I will attempt to get the original scan.

Q. How can we contact you again?

A. You can contact me at: webmaster@campimages and I also read the message traffic from the Patch-L mailing list.