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Official Image Site of Camp Book II


Camp Images was created in 2005 with the purpose of being the repository for scans of BSA camp patches.  It was hoped that collectors would share their images for others to enjoy and to promote the collecting of camp patches.

A side purpose of Camp Images was to provide information on camp patches to the collecting community and to promote the interest in others to start and maintain the history of their camps before the history was lost due to consolidation of councils and the physical loss of camps.

Currently there is in excess of 16000 different scans of camp patches and with over 3 million page hits we believe that our goals are being meet.

Designated as the official image site for Camp Book II we hope to increase both the amount of scans of camp patches available as well as providing additional information for those seeking knowledge of the various BSA camps.

Camp Book II is a combined listing of BSA camps.  The printed content of the Camp Book II is in excess of 1000 pages.  For further information on the book and how to obtain a copy in various formats click on the book icon.


To browse  the scans of BSA camp patches submitted by collectors for others to enjoy, click on the camp patch icon.

Camp Images has been restored.

If you would like to submit scans of camp patches to the site please contact the webmaster at


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